Legal 500 Names KTS Trademark Litigation Firm of the Year

Kilpatrick Townsend was named the trademark litigation firm of the year for 2014 by the Legal 500. Being selected out of a list of such impressive candidates is an honor and really goes to show the depth and strength of Kilpatrick’s attorneys. A list to all the rankings can be seen here. Legal 500 Award


Comparative Ads Need Not Compare Nor Reference Competitors to Presume Injury or Damages

On Tuesday, the Second Circuit “clarif[ied] certain aspects of [its] false advertising jurisprudence” concerning comparative advertising in particular. In Merck v. Gnosis, the Court held that legal presumptions of consumer confusion and injury for purposes of finding liability and damages in Lanham Act false advertising cases are appropriate where there are only two players involved in the market, the claims are literally false, and there is proof of deliberate deception. The claims at issue were related to folate, a B vitamin that helps the body make new cells, and is used in vitamins and nutritional supplements. Merck’s folate product, Metafolin, is comprised of a natural isomer, whereas Gnosis’ folate product, Extrafolate, is comprised of a two isomers mixed together, one natural, Keep reading . . .

California Judge Freeman Fed Up Over Lap-Band Surgery Settlement

Several years ago, Top Surgeons, Inc., a marketing company owned by brothers Benjamin and Michael Omidi, began a 1-800-Get-Thin advertising campaign. With the ads, the Omidi brothers claimed that they could help people—I’m sorry I can’t help myself—Omidi the fatty. The ads were for the Lap-Band procedure and allegedly lulled people into a false sense of security about the risks associated with it by not providing proper warnings. People calling the number would be referred to participating Los Angeles clinics affiliated with Top Surgeons and the Omidi brothers. Unsurprisingly, some people who went through with the procedure sustained serious injuries. Even less surprisingly, a false advertising class action was filed as a result. Faitro et al. v. Top Surgeons et al. was brought in Keep reading . . .